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Fertility benefits are becoming a popular work perk at major U.S. companies.

Apr 07 2022

Fertility benefits are becoming a popular work perk at major U.S. companies. As of 2020, 42% of U.S. employers with over 20,000 staff offer IVF treatment coverage and 19% offer egg freezing, a sizable increase from 2015 when 36% of large companies offered IVF and 6% covered egg freezing. These perks speak to the growing number of women choosing to freeze their eggs and families who have trouble conceiving, and fertility perks also have a benefit to employers, too. FertilityIQ’s 2019-2020 Family-Building Workplace Index found that 61% of employees who received fertility coverage from an employer say it made them feel more loyal and committed to the company while 88% of women who had IVF treatment fully paid for by their employer chose to return to work after maternity leave. Meanwhile, a Harris Poll survey found 45% of workers say fertility benefits are an important component when considering a new job. YPulse’s What’s Next for Work trend research shows health benefits are among the most important workplace benefits Millennial parents—and non-parents—desire, and as one CEO puts it, “[Fertility benefits] are increasingly seen as central to DEI objectives. [It] can help companies improve gender diversity while also showing they value their female workforce.” (FortuneCNBC)