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Girl & Queer Skate Sesh is a community making skating more inclusive.

Apr 05 2022

Girl & Queer Skate Sesh is a community making skating more inclusive. We told you that skater girls are leading the skateboard revival, and when Briana King began skating and noticed the lack of women and queer skaters in her community, she founded Girl & Queer Skate Sesh in 2019. The group initially drew in small crowds, but is now bringing in over thousands of skaters. King collaborated with The Ones, a Zappos’ sneaker brand, to go on a national tour to teach attendees—of all skill levels, ages, races, and gender identities—how to skate. She has been using her platform to publicize callouts for equipment, and partnerships with brands like Deluxe to provide free skateboards, pads, and more. While the pandemic temporarily put the sessions on hold, she’s been slowing and safely putting them back on since the end of last year. According to King: “Skateboarders are kind of gnarly and a lot of white cis men. I just want to create a space where everyone just feels comfortable doing something that isn’t the most comfortable doing. We can just create our own little world.” (HuffPost)