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Sales of LGBTQ romance novels are booming as they (finally) gain ground in mainstream publishing.

Mar 31 2022

Sales of LGBTQ romance novels are booming as they (finally) gain ground in mainstream publishing. For years, LGBTQ novels have remained in the shadow of mainstream book publishing as they tend to be entirely self-published or delegated to separate shelves in bookstores. Now, all that is changing as major publishers put LGBTQ romance novels in the limelight. Author Lana Harper’s Payback’s a Witch became an immediate bestseller after publishing last fall, while Erica Ridley’s The Perks of Loving a Wallflower and Casey McQuiston’s Red, White, & Royal Blue have been applauded for their takes on historical and “lesbian [and gay] regency romance.” NPD BookScan found that 850,000 LGBTQ romance novels were sold at traditional retail outlets in 2021, marking a 740% increase over a five-year period and more than double the number of books sold in the same category in 2020. YPulse’s Representation in Action trend research shows Gen Z and Millennials expect all aspects of the entertainment industry to reflect diversity and be inclusive, and books are no exception. (NYT)