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Old Navy’s spring campaign is based on a singular TikTok post.

Mar 04 2022

Old Navy’s spring campaign is based on a singular TikTok post. Last fall, high school senior Samuel Beasley posted a TikTok clip with the caption, “We about to get the most fire Old Navy commercial ever,” set to Bruno Mars’ “Fly As Me” (implying that the track sounded like it could be used in a future ad from the brand). The post generated more than 1K comments from users voicing what they’d like to see in “the most fire Old Navy commercial ever” (like “slow-mo family jump” and “dads. dancing. everywhere”), and Old Navy listened to Beasley’s call for the commercial, bringing the TikTok to life inside its spring campaign, Old Navy Written By the Internet. The brand is calling on fans to tag it on social media and share additional requests for its marketing throughout 2022. As Old Navy’s CMO explains, “To be the most democratic and accessible brand, we must listen to our customers and give them what they want.” YPulse’s New Content Creators trend research shows young people who are creating content for a broad audience are organically talking about brands on their channels, and more than half say they’d be excited if brands used (or took inspiration from) what they created for their marketing. (Adweek)