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The Ordinary is stepping into haircare.

Mar 02 2022

The Ordinary is stepping into haircare. Known for its affordable, ingredient-based skincare offerings, the Gen Z- and Millennial-favorite brand is expanding its hair offerings. Products in the newly developed hair collection include a shampoo, conditioner, and scalp treatment, along with a body cleanser to top it off. What sets the shampoo and body cleanser apart is that they’re made with sulfates (which is intentional, despite the bad rap the ingredient has gotten in the “clean beauty” era). The haircare line is meant to promote The Ordinary’s “anti-clean” messaging—a stance the brand’s parent company, Deciem, has adopted to dispel myths that ingredients like sulfates are harsh (as Deciem’s chief scientific officer explains, brands and consumers alike are quick to rule out chemicals because of how they’ve been used in the past, but in reality there is a proper way to use chemicals to achieve healthy skin or hair). As clean beauty continues gaining ground, Deciem wants to remind consumers to take a science-backed beauty approach before ruling out products that are formulated with chemicals—like sulfates. (Today)