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YouTube is dominating U.K. kids’ online time.

Feb 24 2022

YouTube is dominating U.K. kids’ online time. According to the 2022 Childwise Monitor Report, which tracks habits, usage, and attitudes among kids in the U.K., interest in game consoles and tablets seems to be waning, while children’s love for phones is increasing. The study found that seven-16-year-olds spent an average of 3.3 hours a day online in 2021—down from 3.8 hours in 2020. Nearly two hours of that was spent on YouTube. However, Discord saw some significant gains: time spent on the platform increased by 24% YoY, with boys (32%) more likely than girls (15%) to use Discord. TikTok usage stayed steady, with 57% of five-16-year-olds reporting they used the platform, while two in five kids say they use it daily. The app was more popular with older kids, with a third of 11-16-year-olds saying they used it last year compared to 12% of seven-10-year-olds, and girls are more likely to use the app than boys. In the gaming space, Minecraft is the most popular option for all ages surveyed, and Roblox engagement dipped slightly. Meanwhile, one in three respondents say they played Fortnite or Among Us regularly. YPulse told you that these video games were among the titles that Millennial parents in North America say were their kids’ favorites, and that popularity is clearly strong in the U.K. as well. (Kidscreen)