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Children love the “strange world” of CoComelon—and its popularity is only going to continue.

Feb 24 2022

Children love the “strange world” of CoComelon—and its popularity is only going to continue. We told you that CoComelon is one of the YouTube channels that became even more massively popular during quarantines, and the series received even more attention when it was brought to Netflix. In fact, it’s become so popular that toys and merch from the show were some of the most in-demand children’s gifts during the holiday season. According to Nielsen Analytics, CoComelon took the top slot in Hispanic, Asian, and Black households, beating out other children’s titles like Peppa Pig. The series only has 15 episodes available, but thanks to “repeat watches,” it added up to a whopping 33.3 billion minutes of viewing. According to Nielsen, its core audience of two-five-year-olds watched each episode nearly three times in the fourth quarter alone. According to an expert who specializes in child study and human development, CoComelon’s path to success is similar to The Wiggles, which was “wildly popular” about 20 years ago. And CoComelon follows “a long tradition in children’s media of having songs and highly colorful characters that are dancing.” There’s also an educational aspect that the show provides: its repetitive nature teaches kids early literacy skills, helps them learn new words, and teaches them about story structure. (The Washington Post)