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A “crunchy mom” is going viral on TikTok.

Feb 24 2022

A “crunchy mom” is going viral on TikTok. Since January, @ReallyVeryCrunchy, which currently has over 400K followers, has been going viral on TikTok for sharing videos that poke fun at hyper-organic and wellness-focused, or “crunchy” parenting. The term “crunchy parent” is often associated with parents who are “dedicated to organic, holistic, all-natural everything for their kids.” Videos on the account show the crunchy mom bringing bananas to a kid’s party so her children won’t eat the cake, espousing wool balls as the perfect organic toy, and “crunching-off” with another crunchy mom. The details and crunchy product accuracy had many users and followers speculating on whether her videos were parody or real, but 33-year-old Emily Morrow confirmed with BuzzFeed News that she is the woman behind the account and is, indeed, a crunchy mom herself–though clearly one that finds the humor in the lifestyle. YPulse’s food shopping and trends research found that 40% of Millennial parents usually buy products from the organic / natural foods aisle when they go grocery shopping, showing that the “crunchy” lifestyle is something that some parents are embracing. (BuzzFeed News)