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GUMBO Brands is a Black-owned cannabis company that wants to help NFL players manage their pain. 

Feb 08 2022

GUMBO Brands is a Black-owned cannabis company that wants to help NFL players manage their pain. The brand was launched last year by entrepreneurs Karim Butler and Alexis Major-Allison who used to work as a manager to NFL players, seeing first-hand what many went through after sustaining injuries. She wanted to develop an option that would relieve pain and inflammation without the risk of opiate addiction, which is another thing she witnessed. The Gumbo strain, which is a mix of multiple types of marijuana, is what the brand uses—and musicians like Meek Mill, Migos, Dave East, and Fabolous have publicly endorsed it. Aside from helping athletes, Butler wants to give back to the Black community and children, and help prevent them from getting addicted to narcotics and hard drugs. They’re also working on initiatives that encourage entrepreneurship and support racial justice outcomes and inclusion. YPulse research found that 42% of 13-39-year-old Black consumers have experimented with marijuana use. But despite legalization, there is still a racial divide in the cannabis market, with Black ownership accounting for only 4.3% of all cannabis businesses. According to the couple, they stand out from other cannabis brands because they are strongly determined to make sure urban areas have equal access to opportunities, and are “natives of the communities where drug and gun wars are active.” (Forbes)