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A homegrown musical for a Disney-style Korean princess is going viral on TikTok.

Feb 08 2022

A homegrown musical for a Disney-style Korean princess is going viral on TikTok. We told you how homegrown musicals inspired by Ratatouille and Bridgerton have blown up on the app—and a new one inspired by Disney princesses is going viral on the platform. Korean American student Julia Riew noticed there weren’t any Korean Disney princesses, so she created her own with an original musical to boot. “Dive,” which is an inspirational tune about being fearless, is the first song she created for the musical and it’s garnered nearly a million views, with followers performing their own renditions over an instrumental version or using the Duet feature. Since then, the 22-year-old has added other elements to the musical including a Korean Disney villain and Korean Disney prince. She’s even shared videos with ideas for other Disney movies, including one about “a Filipina-American witch who has anxiety about losing her magic.” According to Riew: “For the first time, I have felt such a strong sense of community and belonging, which I’ve always really longed for. I never imagined that something like TikTok…could bring me to a place where I feel such a warm sense of belonging.” YPulse’s Representation in Action trend research found that 76% of 13-39-year-old Asian consumers wish they saw people of their race in TV shows / movies, while young people want to see more diverse leads cast as classic Disney princesses. (CNN)