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Parents are facing consequences from schools for keeping their kids at home during COVID-19.

Feb 03 2022

Parents are facing consequences from schools for keeping their kids at home during COVID-19. Multiple parents who are part of the D.C. Public Schools (DCPS), NYC Public Schools, and more systems are facing consequences for keeping their children out of the classroom during COVID-19, with DCPS reporting a number of parents to Washington D.C.’s Child and Family Services Agency for “educational neglect” after opting to keep their kids home without school approval. According to data from the Administration for Child’s Services, NYC’s Department of Education has logged 207 reports of educational neglect through October 31. Tajh Sutton, a member of Parents for Responsible, Equitable, and Safe Schools (PRESS) in NYC explains, “Around the end of October and beginning of November we saw hundreds of ACS cases being held against families for what they called ‘educational neglect,’ which was really just terrified parents doing their best to keep their kids safe.” Sutton has been organizing with PRESS and NYC families since March 2020 to fight for safer school environments during the pandemic. Their two primary demands include allowing for a remote learning option and keeping schools open at a lower capacity for students and teachers who prefer in-person learning, along with mask enforcement in school buildings, enforcing proper quarantine times for those who test positive or are exposed, and better ventilation in classrooms. Women’s mental health is especially suffering during this time, and mothers have been the ones scrambling to figure out how to keep working on top of making sure their kids are able to learn in a safe environment. (Teen Vogue)