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Families are having playtime in the metaverse.

Feb 03 2022

Families are having playtime in the metaverse. For the longest time, Ready Player One (a book where virtual reality is the norm) seemed like a far-fetched reality, but in 2022, it’s becoming more real every day. We told you that the metaverse is a marketing trend that is here to stay, and while some Millennial parents have been skeptical of it, others are starting to accept a virtual future during the pandemic. In fact, our Future of Tech trend research found that the majority of Millennial parents are comfortable with virtual reality. Families who own virtual reality devices like the Meta Quest 2 have been able to safely play video games like Puzzling PlacesBeat SaberFitXRTilt Brush, and Blaston, together while the virus cases continue to surge. While many parents still believe it’s important for their kids to partake in outdoor activities, others are allowing their kids to play VR games when they get home from daycare or school instead of going to after school gymnastics or swimming classes and playdates to mitigate the risk of catching COVID-19 until they can get vaccinated. (WIRED)