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McDonald’s is celebrating Lunar New Year inside the metaverse.

Feb 01 2022

McDonald’s is celebrating Lunar New Year inside the metaverse. The brand has created the virtual experience “McDonald’s Hall of Zodiacs: 2022 Lunar New Year with Humberto Leon,” which can be visited through February 15 via AltspaceVR and Spatial virtual reality platforms. Designed by fashion designer and Opening Ceremony Co-Founder Humberto Leon, the virtual space showcases Leon’s zodiac sculptures, which take inspiration from Chinese cork carving dioramas and 3D wood puzzles. Visitors can explore a venue designed by Cliff Tan, an architect who’s known for infusing interiors with feng shui principles that exude “feel-good-energy,” and receive horoscope readings based on their zodiac signs. Last year, McDonald’s partnered with Asian music collective 88rising on a Lunar New Year campaign featuring virtual concerts inside the McDonald’s app and a miniseries on Instagram’s IGTV, and the brand’s metaverse approach in 2022 shows how it’s leaning even deeper into virtual spaces to engage with Asian and Asian American young consumers. (Marketing Dive)