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HBO Max is thriving thanks to productions like “Dune,” “The Matrix Resurrections,” and “Succession.”

Jan 28 2022

HBO Max is thriving thanks to productions like DuneThe Matrix Resurrections, and Succession. YPulse’s brand data research shows that HBO Max experienced the biggest increase in young consumer affinity in 2021, and the streaming service announced that it reached 73.8 million subscribers at the end of last year—four years ahead of the service’s original projections and up 35% over the past 24 months. Thanks to nostalgic content like the Gossip Girl and Sex and the City reboots, plus Gen Z-focused shows like genera+ion and Euphoria, HBO Max is winning over young subscribers left and right. Meanwhile, exclusive releases of highly anticipated content like DuneThe Matrix Resurrections, and Succession have also helped. This year, HBO Max is partnering with Warner Bros. to release 10 new movies, although no big-budget films are reportedly included as the studio shifts away from same-day theatrical releases on streaming services. (The Verge)