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Black-owned gear brands are fighting for visibility in the fitness equipment space. 

Jan 25 2022

Black-owned gear brands are fighting for visibility in the fitness equipment space. Since lockdowns began, workout gear companies have been coming up with “adjustable dumbbells, pioneering Bluetooth weights, and experimenting with styles of resistance to make home cable machines and whisper-quiet rowers” to accommodate the increase in consumers exercising at home. YPulse’s fitness research found that 38% of 13-39-year-old Black consumers work out using at-home fitness equipment. But despite the boom in home gym equipment sales, and workout gear becoming more diverse, the faces who create that equipment are not. Most major fitness brands are dominated by White ownership, but a wave of Black entrepreneurs have been working to change that. Kettlebell Kings Founder Chad Price, Powerhandz CEO Danyel Surrency Jones, JaxJox Founder and CEO Stephen Owusu, Buddy Lee’s Jump Rope Technology, Inc. President Anthony “Buddy” Lee, Korehealth Founder Jason Manly, and Thenar Performance Founder Arnold Tobin are just some of the Black gear brand owners who are working to bring their products to retailers and customers around the world. (Men’s Health)