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Parents are making their own rules for their kids in the world of virtual reality.

Jan 13 2022

Parents are making their own rules for their kids in the world of virtual reality. With the expansion of video games and the metaverse, kids today have access to virtual reality headsets more than ever before. Tech market research company IDC reports that there were shipments of 9.4 million VR headsets in 2021, 3.6 million of which were expected to ship out during the holiday season—with kids likely receiving them as gifts. YPulse’s Future Tech Forecast trend research found that the majority of Millennial parents are comfortable with virtual reality, but because most popular models, like Quest 2, have a lack of established parental controls like time limits and mature settings, parents are setting their own rules and VR-safety strategies. This includes monitoring their kids’ every virtual move in real-time via a smartphone or other display, limiting what they can download, or only allowing them to use the tech with an adult. However, some experts say that while casting and limiting the types of content kids access can help adults track what they’re doing, it doesn’t get rid of “the possibility that a child will encounter violence or abuse in a virtual setting.” Instead, they suggest that parents have a discussion with their kids about not speaking or interacting with strangers in VR. (CNN)