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Gamification is the future of online shopping.

Jan 03 2022

Gamification is the future of online shopping. From Gucci, to Forever 21, to Hollister, more fashion brands invested in gaming last year. As online shopping continues leveling up, gamifying the shopping experience for young consumers—beyond selling merchandise in-game—is key. According to the 2022 New Consumer report, nearly half of both Gen Z and Millennials say they feel most like themselves when they’re online, and brands have an opportunity to engage with young people’s online lives by creating immersive events inside video games, offering discounts and giveaways, and of course, releasing digital clothing collections to help them personify their online identity. For example, Ralph Lauren recently rolled out the “Ralph Lauren Winter Escape” inside Roblox where players could ice skate with friends, drink hot chocolate from Ralph’s Coffee Truck, toast marshmallows, and take part in a holiday treasure hunt to unlock exclusive accessories. While the activation included a digital clothing collection, the seasonal experience offered much more than just products for players to buy. Outside of video games, ecommerce gamification is also a tactic brands are embracing: Shein has been offering coupon wheels to reward frequent website visitors with the chance to win a discount, and Rebecca Minkoff often uses personalized text messaging in their gamification strategy to encourage shoppers to visit their online site. Young consumers expect online shopping to be an experience, according to YPulse’s shopping and retail research, and video game activations, shoppable content, and ecommerce gamification are ways brands are making it happen. (Glossy)