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Brunette hair will take over 2022.

Jan 03 2022

Brunette hair will take over 2022. YPulse told you blonde hair is cheugy now thanks to Gen Z style icons who have been embracing warm hues as they switch up their hairstyles. Hailey Bieber, Billie Eilish, and Gigi Hadid are among the celebs who have been going dark, and according to one New York-based colorist, young people are finding comfort in transitioning to “warm, feel-good colors,” which is also tied to health, power, and strength. Hair health is more important than ever, and Franck Izquierdo, founder of IGK salons, says he sees “the healthy brunette as the trend of the new year.” 2022’s brunette hues are richer than what people have flaunted in the past, with soft sable, violet brunette, chocolate milk, and pumpkin spice among the hot “new” brunette shades, along with darker hues that rival milk chocolate like chestnut, Coca-Cola, and dark chocolate. People are asking for shades that exemplify shine and healthy hair, notes Izquierdo, with “expensive brunette” serving as the epitome of young people’s hair goals this year (or winter, at least). (NYTHYPEBAE)