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A young Black journalist created an investigative journalism publication for Gen Z. 

Dec 28 2021

A young Black journalist created an investigative journalism publication for Gen Z. YPulse’s news consumption and trust research found that the majority of 13-39-year-old BIPOC young consumers trust online-only publications—and one young Black journalist just launched a new publication to reach that demographic. In October, 22-year-old journalist Abbianca Makoni, who previously worked for the Evening Standard and The Independent, soft-launched AWP Magazine, an investigative journalism publication that seeks to give a voice to reporters who don’t have formal journalism training and gear those stories toward a younger audience. While the publication has fun, lifestyle pieces about dating to appeal to Gen Z and Millennials, it also covers current events and voices from communities across the world through long-form features and deep-dives, including one three-part investigation into the rise of drug use in Zimbabwe, and a docuseries about girls in gangs. Influencers are essential to their marketing strategy to maintain engagement with young readers, with YouTube being a “point of focus” for the publication. Recently, travel vlogger Tanaka Travels was featured on AWP Magazine’s channel to talk about mental health. According to Makoni, she wants to “build a loyal community that will open up display advertising and sponsorship opportunities with particular brands as revenue streams,” and is also looking at the possibility of offering affordable subscription models for readers, with a premium option for events and masterclasses. (