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A special episode of “Alma’s Way” on PBS is teaching young audiences about Puerto Rican holiday traditions. 

Dec 16 2021

A special episode of Alma’s Way on PBS is teaching young audiences about Puerto Rican holiday traditions. The show, which premiered in October and has episodes in English and Spanish, follows six-year-old Alma, a Puerto Rican girl who lives with her family in a predominantly Latino neighborhood in the Bronx. It is produced by Fred Rogers Productions and created by Sonia Manzano, known for her role as Maria on Sesame Street. Earlier this month, the series premiered a special episode, “Alma’s Nochebuena/Three Kings Day Do-Over,” to introduce kids to “distinctive holiday traditions.” Three Kings Day, or Feast of the Epiphany, is celebrated across Latin America and Spain, with many kids receiving their presents on January 6th. In the episode, Alma spends the majority of it trying to buy the perfect gift for her little brother, Junior. YPulse’s Representation in Action trend research found that 54% of Millennial parents say they have had their child watch a TV show / movie because it featured an underrepresented group they wanted them to learn more about—and to make the episode more interactive, PBS published a recipe on their site so families can make budín de pan (bread pudding), a Nochebuena tradition for many Latino families. (NBC News)