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Beauty brands are the latest target for kitschy sneaker collabs.

Dec 13 2021

Beauty brands are the latest target for kitschy sneaker collabs. Sure, releasing branded and celebrity sneaker collabs isn’t new, but as the trend continues taking off across industries, more beauty brands are dabbling with the concept. Millie Bobby Brown’s beauty brand, Florence by Mills, recently teamed up with Converse on a sneaker collection inspired by the brand’s aesthetic; Pharell Williams’ Humanrace brand expanded to the sneaker category with an Adidas collab following the skincare line’s launch; Summer Fridays partnered with sneaker brand APL last year after noticing that many of its target consumers wore APL shoes; and MAC put its own spin on the trend back in 2018 with a Puma collection featuring shoes in the same color as three of the brand’s popular lipstick shades. Converse notes that both sneaker and beauty brands have highly dedicated followings, making this type of merch drop more relevant than ever as the two categories mix influences. Brands have been tapping sneaker culture for years now to engage with youth, and the trend isn’t stopping anytime soon. (Glossy)