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Millennial moms are bearing the brunt of holiday planning.

Dec 02 2021

Millennial moms are bearing the brunt of holiday planning. A generational tradition continues: moms continue to make holiday magic happen. A new Microsoft Store and Wakefield Research survey of 1,000 Millennial moms found 65% say their family doesn’t realize how much time and effort they put into the holidays, while 80% are feeling the pressure to make the holidays even more special this year. The top reasons Millennial moms feel pressure this holiday season include the costs of gifts and activities (57%), pressure to make up for experiences missed during the pandemic (41%), and gifts not arriving in time because of shipping delays (38%). Nearly all (99%) of Millennial moms say they take the lead on one task, especially purchasing gifts (84%), decorating (82%) and wrapping gifts (82%). More than half of Millennial moms (51%) plan to shop exclusively online for holiday gifts this year and 70% are considering digital gift options, with 39% saying they plan on purchasing gift cards, or ask for shopping links attached to holiday wish lists (26%). YPulse’s winter holiday plans research found that the majority (82%) of Millennial moms say they’re going to do whatever they can to make this holiday special to make up for the year they’ve had. (Market Screener)