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Corona created a branded island experience aimed at promoting sustainability. 

Dec 01 2021

Corona created a branded island experience aimed at promoting sustainability. As brands continue creating content to educate young consumers about sustainability, Corona is taking the concept to the next level with Corona Island, an eco-conscious getaway in the Caribbean Sea featuring constructions made of 100% natural materials. The branded island experience hones in on Corona’s advertising messages, like rest and relaxation and how its core beverage products are made from 100% natural materials. Experiences promoting conscious consumption, like workshops around living without plastic and guided meditations set to natural island sounds, will give visitors a taste of how to implement sustainable practices in their lives. Corona Island plans to open in late spring of 2022 and will only seek out guests through enter-to-win sweepstakes opportunities to limit capacity. CharityBuzz hosted an auction yesterday for Giving Tuesday, awarding nine guests with an all-expenses-paid, week-long private island stay next year while proceeds from the auction were used to support Oceanic Global. (Marketing Dive)