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Lush is making a daring move most marketers would never fathom: quitting social media.

Nov 24 2021

Lush is making a daring move most marketers would never fathom: quitting social media. The trendy soaps brand popular among Gen Z and Millennials is forgoing posting on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat (the brand will keep its branded channels but won’t continue publishing content) in an effort to “protest” the negative impact algorithms and social content can have on users’ mental health—something young people are heavily impacted by. This isn’t the first time Lush has taken a stand against social media, either. In early 2019, Lush said it would be “switching up social,” and encouraged consumers to prioritize engaging with staff’s and stores’ individual social accounts, Lush hashtags, and its ecommerce site and app. Lush is rolling out the Global Anti-Social Media Policy across 48 countries to encourage the movement, and the brand is increasing its YouTube presence, using Twitter for customer care, crafting email newsletters for campaigns, publishing inspirational content to Pinterest, and investing more in physical events. Lush admits its strategy is bold and isn’t something that works for every brand, but it hopes that moving away from social media will actually help consumers feel more connected to the brand. (Vogue Business)