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Young Black Americans are driven, culturally proud, and “changing the narrative.” 

Nov 16 2021

Young Black Americans are driven, culturally proud, and “changing the narrative.” According to a BET study, 72% of 11-22-year-old Black consumers in the U.S. are proud of their heritage, and 59% say they have hobbies or interests they’re passionate about. They’re also experimenting with activities that are not “typically associated with Black culture,” and expanding what it means to be “authentically Black.” Nearly half of Black young consumers are protective of their culture, with nearly half saying that cultural appropriation is “not a good thing,” especially when it comes to language, hairstyles, and fashion. Fifty-three percent of respondents say that brands need to respect their culture to “earn their trust.” Meanwhile, young Black consumers are determined to succeed, but anxious about the future: The majority (69%) of respondents look up to or receive advice from family members, while 52% receive guidance from someone in their wider community—but “the blueprint of how to get ahead is fuzzy.” Only one in three Black teens and young adults feel their schools do enough to help them be prepared for the future. Forty-two percent of young Black respondents are inspired by social media success stories of people with familiar backgrounds, while 62% are interested in running their own business someday, and 42% say social media provides them an opportunity to make money. Overall, 62% believe they have the same chance to succeed as anyone else. (ViacomCBS Global Insights)