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Women of color are a “growing force” in the mom influencer space.

Nov 11 2021

Women of color are a “growing force” in the mom influencer space. YPulse’s celebrities and influencers research found that 52% of moms want to be online celebrities—and women of color who often feel left out of the multibillion-dollar, “overwhelming White” parenting influencer industry are creating their own blogs and social media accounts. When Kisha Gulley, who is Afro Latina, was kicked out of a Facebook group for moms with autistic kids, she grew her own social presence soon after—earning more than she did when she was a flight attendant several years ago. Meanwhile, the need for diverse parenting voices has always “been top of mind” for Stacey Ferguson who struggled to find online forums and communities that resonated with her experiences as a Black mom. She co-founded Blogalicious along with two other women, and the organization and annual conference has helped women of color monetize and grow their blogs. Jacqueline Hernandez Lewis started blogging after she wanted to find a space where Latinas and moms of color could feel empowered. When she first started, she earned $25 for her first sponsored post, and now earns anywhere between $700 to $3,000 per post. According to one marketing professor, he’s increasingly starting to see Latina, Black, and Asian American women joining the sphere, and Lewis says: “We deserve to be represented on the business side. There’s brands that haven’t been as inclusive as I’d hoped, but a lot of brands are shifting and becoming more inclusive.” (AP News)