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Flox is an up-and-coming dating app helping friend groups meet each other in NYC.

Nov 03 2021

Flox is an up-and-coming dating app helping friend groups meet each other in NYC. After spending more time online with her friends at the start of the pandemic, former Columbia University student Jamie Lee found herself suffering from isolation no matter how much time she spent crafting her identity online, realizing the real toll that online-only school was having on her—and her peers’—friendships. So she created Flox: a Tinder- and Bumble-esque app helping friend groups meet each other. Flox developed into a private beta test in NYC at the beginning of 2021 and boasts a growing waitlist of over 20,000 users to date. As Lee notes, “We want to move away from the focus on the individual, because I think that points to dating,” and while Tinder and Bumble have tried their own versions of helping friends meet each other, Lee says Flox aims to remove the social stigma behind finding friends by making it more comfortable, thanks to its focus on group settings. Young people are entering higher education and the workforce in the age of remote everything, and new technology is popping up to help them find a sense of community in their post-vaccine lives. (TechCrunch)