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Latinx beauty is “gaining traction” in the industry.

Oct 26 2021

Latinx beauty is “gaining traction” in the industry. Nordstrom just announced the expansion of its selection of Latinx-founded brands, including Costa Brazil, Joaquina Botánica, Nopalera, and Vamigas to its roster, while multi-brand clean beauty retailer Beauty Heroes also carries both Joaquina Botánica and Nopalera, and featured the former in its monthly discovery box for October. When Nopalera founder Sandra Velasquez created the brand, she wanted to make it speak to her own culture, while Joaquina Botánica founder Giovanna Campagna wanted to prove that brands tapping into Latin American beauty traditions and created by a Latin person could be “just as luxurious” as French or European beauty brands. While Latinx beauty doesn’t yet have ingredients with the “strong identity” like K-Beauty, jasmine, prickly pear oil, and calendula are some of the ones commonly found in many of their products. According to Campagna, Latin America is the most biodiverse region in the world—and the amount of natural ingredients to draw upon is “unlimited.” (Glossy)