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Depop is helping struggling U.K. charity shops go live on its marketplace.

Oct 20 2021

Depop is helping struggling U.K. charity shops go live on its marketplace. With charity shops forced to close their physical doors in the midst of the pandemic, many started selling where young, motivated buyers were hanging out anyway—online, and, namely, Depop. Since March 2020, Depop saw charity shop presence on its app increase by nearly 600%, prompting the wildly popular resale app to launch a dedicated program to help these shops build successful online businesses. YPulse’s research shows that in the U.S., young consumers’ fears about climate change are impacting their purchases, leading them to lean hard into secondhand shopping, whether through thrift shops, resale platforms, or rentals. In fact, secondhand clothing is now a $40 billion a year industry and is expected to grow 15-20% in the next five years. Depop has grown especially popular in the midst of this used boom, leading brands to join forces with the app to market and sell limited-edition and one of a kind products. (Fashion United)