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Black Deaf Creators are using videos on TikTok to push for inclusivity.

Oct 05 2021

Black Deaf Creators are using videos on TikTok to push for inclusivity. #Deaftiktok currently has 871.5 million views on the app and is filled with videos from hard of hearing individuals and sign language advocates. Black Deaf creators have been using the platform to show their own creativity and educate their followers through pushing for inclusivity and raising awareness—especially for hearing users. According to some Deaf users, social platforms have “been largely inaccessible to Deaf people until recently.” While TikTok allows individual users to add subtitles and other accessibility features on their own videos, most people don’t. But Black Deaf influencers on the app are supporting each other and “creating the world they want to see on the platform,” and Scarlet May, who has five million followers, has posted everything from recreations of trendy challenges to comedy sketches about being Deaf. Meanwhile, Otis Jones, who has 434.7K followers, uses his profile to educate hearing people by doing popular American Sign Language (ASL) covers of hit songs and posting mini sign language lessons, and recently began offering ASL lessons on Zoom. (Teen Vogue)