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Sales for vinyl records are rising, thanks to young people.

Sep 21 2021

Sales for vinyl records are rising, thanks to young people. When they’re not listening to music via streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music (YPulse’s music research shows that 70% of Gen Z and Millennials listened to music weekly via streaming services on their phone in 2020), young music enthusiasts are turning to vinyl records. CNBC reports that sales for vinyl records are up 108% in the first half of 2021 (compared with the same period in 2020), and retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and Target are stocking up on vinyls in response to young consumers’ growing interest—big box stores now account for 13% of all sales, a nine point increase from 2018. Like prints and paintings, vinyl records are a collector’s item for young consumers as one college student puts it: “I’m using streaming basically 24/7, but having records has been a way of making my favorite music tactile…you can’t really collect something on Spotify.” (Axios)