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Major fashion and makeup brands participated in Crypto Fashion Week.

Sep 21 2021

Major fashion and makeup brands participated in Crypto Fashion Week. NYX Professional Makeup and Rebecca Minkoff joined Crypto Fashion Week’s second event of the year last week, participating in livestreams, talks, NFT drops, and a “Meta Gala” virtual fashion show hosted on Twitch and YouTube. NYX Professional Makeup served as the official beauty partner while dropping its first makeup look minted into an NFT that was created IRL first by special-effects makeup artist Mimi Choi and then converted into a digital version and avatar of Choi who modeled the makeup look while wearing a Rebecca Minkoff NFT outfit from the brand’s New York Fashion Week (NYFW) showcase. The “Meta Gala” virtual fashion show also kicked off a 24-hour virtual auction for the NFT looks featured in the fashion show along with a NYX Professional Makeup giveaway entry—in the first hour of the auction, a bid worth $10,000 U.S. dollars was put in for one of the NFT outfits. As online shopping experiences continue getting a digital upgrade, crypto fashion and makeup are opening up new online shopping horizons for the next gen. (Glossy)