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A U.K. CBD brand launched the country’s first major cannabis campaign.

Sep 01 2021

A U.K. CBD brand launched the country’s first major cannabis campaign. YPulse has long said that Millennials’ interest in cannabis has been fueling the mainstreaming of weed in the U.S., and they’ve been fueling the cannabis economy for years now. YPulse’s Cannabis Infusion trend report found that 48% of 18-36-year-olds in the U.S. think marijuana should be legalized for medicinal and recreational use. Now as medicinal cannabis slowly becomes legal across Europe, cannabis use—and support—has soared among young WE consumers. Many expect the U.K. CBD market to be worth nearly £1 billion by 2025, according to the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis, which now classifies CBD in the U.K. as “mainstream.” But it took until now for the first major mainstream CBD ad to hit the U.K. market. The ad features Strictly Come Dancing host Claudia Winkleman atop a black horse leading a “CBD revolution,” and is part of a wider campaign to normalize CBD across Europe. (Campaign Live)