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Students are learning the ins and outs of STEM inside video games.

Aug 24 2021

Students are learning the ins and outs of STEM inside video games. Last year, virtual summer camps became the norm as brands found ways to keep young students entertained during the summer. Now, STEM educators are hosting virtual tech camps that “enable [students] to do rigorous math, logic, and design work they don’t often get in school.” The long-running computer camp Fleming Tech Camps first went virtual last summer and helps “prepare [students] for the coming of the metaverse” by teaching STEM concepts via video game design. Fleming Tech Camps is aimed at second graders through high school seniors, and offers lessons in computer coding and game design, visual arts, digital video, and more specific-subjects like the “Physics of Amusement Parks” and a digital fashion design class. Students are also encouraged to create original content using advanced software that professional game designers use. When the camp launched in 2003, only one girl participated out of 200 students, and now 40% of the camp’s 1,300 students are girls. With 64% of young consumers considering themselves a gamer (48% for young females) according to YPulse’s gaming research, integrating video game concepts with educational lessons is a top way to make virtual learning more engaging for young students. (Fast Company)