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Twitter is testing a foray into ecommerce. 

Aug 02 2021

Twitter is testing a foray into ecommerce. As the social platform works to establish its presence in the ecommerce world, it’s piloting the Shop Module—a feature that will allow users to buy products directly from a business’s profile. The streamlined process gives businesses a direct path for reaching consumers in the app, and users can scroll through a carousel of products, tap to learn more, and make purchases through Twitter’s in-app browser. Brands are getting on board Twitter’s pilot program, with Nike, Walmart, Disney, Patagonia, GameStop, Google, podcast Latinx Power, and retailer Arden Cove testing the Shop Module. Social media is becoming young people’s go-to for online shopping, and YPulse’s shopping and retail data shows that 51% say they would rather buy something they see on social media than browse retail sites. While Twitter has tested ecommerce features before (throwback to the Buy button), the Shop Module could help strengthen Twitter’s position with young people—at least when it comes to online shopping. (AdAgeMarketing Dive)