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Sephora is set on reaching young digital shoppers in Western Europe. 

Jul 28 2021

Sephora is set on reaching young digital shoppers in Western Europe. The beauty retailer is buying Feelunique, a London-based online retailer that targets Gen Z and Millennials. With over 2,600 stores across 35 countries, Sephora (owned by LVMH) is one of the biggest beauty retailers in the world. But the brand has long been “locked out” of the U.K. thanks to the dominance of Boots, and stopped delivering products there because of Brexit, so the beauty retailer needed an entry into the market. The news comes after Sephora announced a partnership with European ecommerce platform Zalando, which will bring their product to Germany. YPulse research shows that the majority of young consumers in Western Europe would prefer to shop online than in a physical store, and Sephora is strategically establishing their global digital footprint. (Times UKBeauty PackagingBusiness of Fashion)