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Brands shouldn’t sleep on the “secret” language of TikTokers.

Jul 27 2021

Brands shouldn’t sleep on the “secret” language of TikTokers. YPulse’s Social Media Deep Dive trend data shows that entertaining content is the top reason Gen Z and Millennial TikTok users visit the platform, and tapping into the trends they’re engaging with starts with understanding the platform’s lingo. The hashtags #iykyk (stands for “if you know you know”) and #tellmewithouttellingme are two that have become part of TikTokers “secret” language for describing experiences without explicitly stating the specific details (a.k.a. saying it without saying it). Now, some brands are using this TikTok “code” to create engaging content: Genderless fashion brand Flesh promoted its new collection with a video of models wearing colorful tulle dresses and the caption “Tell me you work in fashion without telling me you work in fashion,” and Mid May Boutique promoted its athleisure collection with a TikTok video playing on the “rich mom” trend—and went viral on the app while bringing in more than 2,500 sales transactions. According to one social media specialist, “As soon as [brands] say #ad or sponsored post, people stop caring and start swiping,” which is why leveraging TikTok trends/hashtags can help brands authentically connect with young consumers in ways they want to be reached. (Glossy)