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Young men are creating a new fashion discourse on TikTok.

Jul 12 2021

Young men are creating a new fashion discourse on TikTok. Male TikTokers in their teens and twenties are challenging traditional fashion conversations once composed of highly curated, Instagram-worthy outfit pics. Their fashion content falls anywhere between style tutorials, product recommendations, video listicles, and ‘fit pics and videos. Mark Boutilier (@mark_boutilier) is one of the first who found an audience on the app from his reaction videos aiming to dismantle fashion offenders, and since then more young men have emerged specializing in fashion history (@thedigitalcowboy), fashion “how tos” for building complimentary ‘fits based on one’s body type (@fashion.elitist), “visual fashion essays” and outfit rankings (@opaleyes369), and several others highlighting anything from DIY clothing to outfit critiques. Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok makes it easy for users to engage in conversation around specific topics (like fashion), and the young men’s fashion discourse is just one community of Gen Z and Millennials to know about on the app. (NYT)