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U.K. kids want to go back to school.

Jul 07 2021

U.K. kids want to go back to school. According to new research from Childwise, kids in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland are tired of virtual learning and are eager to return to in-person learning—at least part of the time. One-third (36%) of kids seven-17-years-old say they’d choose to learn completely in person at school if given the option while 35% say they want a mix of at-home and in-school learning. Only 20% reported wanting to continue with full-time remote learning. Meanwhile, the U.K.’s Gen Z workforce is also calling for a return to normal: research from Clockwise found that the majority of 16-24-year-olds want to return to the office. Three in ten report missing the social element of work, while the same amount is having trouble differentiating between personal and work time when working from home. In fact, almost three-quarters of respondents reported that the sense of workplace community spurs productivity—and is just more enjoyable than all those Zoom meetings. (KidscreenThe Standard)