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Social app Tabler wants to be the (ultimate) post-pandemic networking app. 

Jun 29 2021

Social app Tabler wants to be the (ultimate) post-pandemic networking app. Launched in January by Millennial brothers and entrepreneurs Deni Sebastian Eferl and Alan Amadej Eferl, Tabler is a new app aimed at enhancing peoples’ nightlife experiences post-pandemic no matter where they’re located. Users can create a profile, search for events with open “tables” in their area, and ask to join the table—allowing users to reserve seats at a club, restaurant, bar, and even a VIP spot at a private party. Deni and Alan recently listed their own “taco Tuesday” event on Tabler in Miami where 40 people saw the listing and asked to join. As the hosts, the brothers were able to review each profile and select which users attended. While Tabler didn’t launch with a specific consumer in mind, the brothers note, “we aim to connect people from all kinds of backgrounds: from students who want to save money, to entrepreneurs who want to share the costs and network, celebrities who want to go out with fans, and members of the LGBTQ+ community who want to raise awareness and meet new people.” (Forbes)