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Cable news is ready for a new age of viewers (a.k.a. young people).

May 26 2021

Cable news is ready for a new age of viewers (a.k.a. young people). Like most cable news networks, MSNBC has long skewed toward Gen X and Baby Boomers, and attracting young viewers has never been easy. Now, with the appointment of its new president, digitally native Millennial, Rashida Jones, the network has big plans for meeting young newsies where they’re at: streaming. MSNBC is bringing some of its nightly shows to Peacock to experiment with its news offerings and (hopefully) gain a new generation of viewers. The network recognizes the growing diversity of its viewers (this quarter, Black viewers accounted for 26% of the network’s total viewership during the day and Asian and Pacific Islander viewers represented 4% of prime-time total viewership), and MSNBC hopes to increase its overall reach in its move to streaming. Still, the network understands that young people are getting their news from a variety of sources and streaming won’t necessarily attract young viewers right away. YPulse found that the majority of Gen Z and Millennials are getting their news from social media. (Washington Post)