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Impossible Foods’ plant-based meat products are coming to school lunch menus.

May 10 2021

Impossible Foods’ plant-based meat products are coming to school lunch menus. YPulse told you that the trend of plant-based meat has accelerated as sales for faux meat increased by 18% in 2020. To engage with consumers who are fueling the faux meat effort, Impossible Foods is coming to school lunchrooms. The brand has received “child nutrition labels” from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, making its products available to K-12 schools and breakfast and lunch programs subsidized by the federal government. Along with the brand’s plant-based burgers, products to make tacos, Frito pies, spaghetti sauce, and meatballs will be available for school lunch menus. YPulse’s Cooking and Diets research shows that 70% of young consumers are interested in regularly eating/drinking plant-based products, but a survey conducted by Impossible Foods found the majority of students eat meat every week and only half believe “raising animals for meat and dairy” contributed “somewhat or a lot” to climate change. The brand aims to close this gap in education by supplying K-12 schools with educational materials covering topics related to food consumption and environmental sustainability. (Adweek)