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Content creator collectives are helping fashion brands engage with Gen Z.

May 05 2021

Content creator collectives are helping fashion brands engage with Gen Z. YPulse told you how content creator collectives like FaZe Clan and Sway House are using their combined followings to help brands connect with young consumers, and Gen Z fashion brand Finesse is tapping into the TikTok house concept. From April to July, the brand is hosting nine creators in a TikTok house where they will wear Finesse apparel and create a plethora of content about the brand on their channels. The brand’s founder Ramin Ahmari describes the house as a “big brand activation” for Finesse as they build buzz and show audiences that their apparel can be worn by everyone regardless of race and gender, which is illustrated by the creators as they swap looks and take votes on which outfits are their audiences’ favorite. The founder of Byte House, which is the U.K.’s biggest TikTok house, notes that partnerships with collectives are generating massive success and can help “drive the most value for fashion brands,” by giving the creators clothes to wear and an opportunity to produce content together. Content creator collectives may not be for every brand, but they can help brands tap into a larger audience of young consumers compared to just working with one influencer. (Vogue Business)