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Mystery boxes are helping brands and products go viral on TikTok and YouTube.

May 04 2021

Mystery boxes are helping brands and products go viral on TikTok and YouTube. Mystery surprise products have been trending in the toy industry for years, and now more are beginning to borrow from the concept. The toy brand Zuru has gained significant attention on TikTok from their surprise mini toy boxes and amassed over a billion views from the #minibrands tag and saw a 500% increase in sales last year from the boxes. The brand’s global marketing director notes, “people love mystery.” Jackpot Candles, a brand that hides rings worth up to $5,000 in their candles, has over 65 million views from #jackpotcandles where TikTokers are sharing their candle burning jewelry finds. Ivory Ella is also seeing success by bundling clothing in $50 and $100 surprise boxes, which contain clothing “at least double the list value,” and luxury resale startup, Scarce, is experiencing lower return rates on clothes by packaging their items in mystery boxes. While the concept of mystery boxes—a bundle of surprise products brands use to introduce new products to consumers—isn’t new, the boxes are becoming essential to a brand’s marketing strategy because they can quickly generate virality on social media. (Modern Retail)