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“FODA” (a.k.a “fear of dating again”) is on the rise among young singles. 

Mar 18 2021

“FODA” (a.k.a “fear of dating”) is on the rise among young singles. COVID has completely changed the way young consumers date, and YPulse’s Finding Love Post-COVID trend report found that 81% of 18-39-year-old singles aren’t comfortable with dating in person, while 53% say “I will be dating much more often once COVID-19 is over.” But with the vaccine rollout bringing the pandemic closer to the end, some young people are starting to develop a “fear of dating again.” While some have talked about “being wild with dating and hookups” this summer, that’s not the reality for everyone after a long year full of isolation, stress, social upheaval, and death. According to a relationships expert, having FODA is “completely understandable,” but it’s clear that the end of the pandemic won’t necessarily mean the end of stalled love lives for all. (Mashable)