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Fashion brands and retailers are using podcasts to market their products. 

Mar 10 2021

Fashion brands and retailers are using podcasts to market their products. We told you the majority of young consumers are listening to podcasts, and now more brands are leaning into them. Walmart collaborated with Who What Wear to sponsor the fashion media brand’s podcast and run ads alongside it as well as promote their new sustainable line Free Assembly. The retailer is also testing a partnership with Spotify for the men’s audience. They’re not the only brand leaning into podcast marketing: Luxury brand Moncler is launching the Moncler Genius podcast while other high-end designers have debuted podcasts like The Gucci Podcast and Dior Talks. Meanwhile, Net-a-Porter’s “Pieces of Me” podcast profiles various women in fashion. However, one analyst said that brands must be “weary” of podcasts that are too brand-focused, which risk “tipping over into an extended advertisement rather than being interesting content that can stand on its own.” (Glossy)