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BuzzFeed could be launching a “digital shopping mall” very soon. 

Feb 17 2021

BuzzFeed could be launching a “digital shopping mall” very soon. Last year fueled a surge in online shopping, and according to BuzzFeed their thousands of shopping articles garnered around 900 million views and drove over $500 million in gross merchandise value. In 2019, their commerce business generated more than $40 million in revenue. Rakuten Advertising, one of Buzzfeed’s affiliate retail partners, saw traffic across its affiliate network jump 73% year-on-year from November 2019 to November 2020. Now, the publisher is allegedly making plans to create a “digital shopping mall.” Already, they work with “more than 1,000 retail partners” including Walmart and Amazon—with partnerships ranging from “simply plugging products into BuzzFeed’s affiliate engine, to deeper relationships to co-create products, like its partnership with sexual wellness brand Bellesa and McCormick co-branded spices.” (Adweek)