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Airlines are upgrading their loyalty programs and perks to appeal to Millennial travelers. 

Feb 10 2021

Airlines are upgrading their loyalty programs and perks to appeal to Millennial travelers. It’s no secret that COVID has impacted travel, but as a way to appeal to young consumers, airlines in the U.S. are updating their loyalty programs and adding perks like e-book and virtual-exercise subscriptions, while others are “overhauling the way frequent fliers earn and spend air miles.” American Airlines reported that younger passengers have been traveling more than their older counterparts during the pandemic—and have seen an upstick of young travelers signing up for their AAdvantage program. Last month, Spirit updated its Free Spirit frequent-flier program to shift its emphasis from distance traveled to how much members have spent—and they can earn credits from buying upgrades for baggage and seat selections as well as flights. They also introduced a “points pooling” program that allows premium members with Spirit credit cards to combine and share points with up to eight friends and relatives. YPulse’s travel report found that 37% of 13-39-year-olds are influenced by travel based on safety protocols airlines are taking influences where they travel, while 24%  say affordable airline tickets are what influences where they go. (WSJ)