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Amazon Fashion just recruited a virtual influencer. 

Feb 03 2021

Amazon Fashion just recruited a virtual influencer. As influencer marketing continues to change, the ecommerce giant is leaning into the CGI influencer trend with Amazon Fashion’s recent hire of “Japan’s first virtual human” @imma.gram (who has 334K followers). The partnership is promoting their latest line on The Drop, which features limited edition clothing from global influencers. Her sold out collection is described as “a fashion-forward street style” collection that captures Imma’s “interest in Japanese culture” and draws on her “minimalist aesthetic with androgynous silhouettes.” One influencer marketing firm claims that 18-24-year-old females make up a third of CGI influencers’ audience, and YPulse’s Future Tech Forecast trend research found that 39% of young consumers are interested in following someone computer generated on social media. (Sourcing Journal)