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Influencers are being recruited to promote the new COVID-19 vaccine. 

Dec 16 2020

Influencers are being recruited to promote the new COVID-19 vaccine. This week, the first essential workers in the U.S. were given the COVID vaccines. Now, vaccine education programs are turning to the same influencers who pushed preventative measures like hand washing, social distancing, and mask wearing to tout the new shots. While the global campaign to encourage vaccination will include government and public health officials, organizations like the WHO, NHS, and the Ad Council is already laying “the groundwork for influencers and celebrities to have a hand in the process.” These groups believe influencers will help promote positive, accurate vaccine content to their followers and an overall wider audience as well as target content to individual communities. YPulse’s influencers and celebrities report found that 64% of 13-39-year-olds think celebrities have a responsibility to share their views about issues and causes with their followers, while 66% like seeing how they are handling COVID-19 and quarantines. (Vox)